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  • To divide into individual zones of common areas, it is customary to use toilet partitions. Today they can be seen in the toilets of educational and medical institutions; apply partitions to the toilet in offices, shopping and entertainment and sports centers.
    A key feature of modern designs of toilet stalls is low cost, ease of installation and high reliability.

    All these advantages are fully enjoyed by the sanitary partitions offered by Hyundae Cubicle.

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  • Wall panels for interior decoration have recently been on the market, but have confidently taken their place and over time become more and more popular and in demand. Panels are chosen not only for significantly facilitating the repair process, but also for the variety of colors and shapes, which allows you to create your own, original interior style. Wall panels are made of chipboard, fiberboard, MDF or PVC. Finishing walls with wall panels has several advantages, you should pay attention to them when planning a repair:

    - easy and quick to install;
    - there is no need for expensive leveling of walls, plaster, laborious derivation of angles, they will - hide all the problems of the walls;
    - durable and easy to operate;
    - easy to clean;
    - under them are perfectly hidden cables, which are many in our homes.

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  • Hyudai Cubicle has been specializing in the production of toilet partitions and wall panels since 2006. The main products of the company are toilet partitions, which are used in all places where a device for toilets is provided. A key feature of the toilet partitions is the installation prostate and high reliability. Such designs are used to organize sanitary facilities in large organizations - for example, manufacturing enterprises, sports clubs, that is, where there is a need to install a large number of toilet stalls on the available area.

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